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We believe in the magic of human storytelling. We craft these stories using the science of inspiration, with compelling narratives, and our AI ensures they reach the people they are meant for. It’s more than just creating—it’s connecting. Marrying timeless creativity with today’s smart tools, we’re ensuring every story finds its home.

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Empowering Brands with Amazing Productions

Pre Production
Post Production

  • Concept & Development
  • Idea Pitching and Collaboration
  • AI Intelligence and Research
  • Creative Consultation
  • Brand Integration
  • Multi-Platform Video Planning

Pre Production

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
  • Production Design and Art Direction
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Casting and Talent Acquisition
  • Shotlist and Production Planning
  • Previsualization and Animatics


  • Cinematography
  • Lighting Design
  • Audio Recording and Sound Mixing
  • Live Streaming and Remote Production
  • Special Effects and Practical Effects
  • Art Direction and Set Dressing

Post Production

  • Video Editing and Assembly
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Sound Design and Mixing
  • Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Motion Graphics and Titles
  • Voiceover and ADR


  • AI Targeted Video Advertisements
  • Real-time Video Analytics
  • Content Curation and Discovery
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Intelligent Video SEO
  • AI Assisted Editing

Award-winning productions powered by AI-driven marketing

Harness the power of AI in video marketing with advanced tools that deliver precision-targeted video advertisements, ensuring maximum impact and engagement with your target audience. Real-time video analytics provide valuable insights into viewer behavior and preferences, enabling data-driven decision-making for optimized marketing strategies. AI-powered content curation and discovery enhance user experience by recommending personalized videos, while sentiment analysis helps gauge audience reactions and sentiment towards your video content.
Additionally, intelligent video SEO techniques leverage AI
algorithms to boost search engine visibility, maximizing your
video’s reach and organic discovery.

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Rated one of the best video production companies and creative agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, Evolve Media not only produces great video content, but also builds successful digital advertising campaigns around that content. We realize that being a top video production company means more than just putting together a team to film something. It means building a campaign that may be centered on creative video, yet implements strategy, market analytics and feedback in order to make that video a success.

Our commercial video production services include market analysis, video testing, digital strategy and a full feedback loop to help hone your message and achieve the best results possible. Our commercial production services included in depth review of your organizations needs and detailed scripting and messaging with our producers and copywriters.

Always pushing the boundaries of the creative, Evolve is more than just your local video production company. We are your global creative partner.

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