Evolve Creates “Carstache 2.0” Promo Video for LYFT

Lyft wanted to create a promo video aimed at recruiting new drivers. Evolve Media created and produced a concept called “Carstache 2.0”, exhibiting Lyft’s new redesigned, giant pink mustache for drivers’ cars.  

The video story features Ethan Eyler, Senior Carstache Designer at Lyft, as he weaves the creation story for the new Carstache 2.0. Ethan presents the new design, the special waterproof materials and demonstrations of how mud, rain and even oils do not affect this new branding device for their Lyft drivers.

Presented as tongue in cheek, this infotainment video also serves the purpose of promoting the brand and the iconic pink Carstache – and creating a brand image of hip, cool and fun aimed at drivers and riders alike. 

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