Evolve takes CBIZ Audiences on 30-Second Elevator Pitches

CBIZ is an emerging B2B brand in the enterprise financial & consulting sector. Evolve Media was assigned to conceive, script and produce a series of TV & online spots aimed at positioning CBIZ as a national brand with local access, increase awareness, and drive leads. 

Our brand storytelling was set in an elevator, where prospective C-Level clients interact with a CBIZ executives. On a 30-second ride, the compelling CBIZ “elevator pitch” unfolds.  (Watch and notice how much “story” is packed into a mere half-minute).

In addition to Evolve’s TV campaign, our social media portion of this initiative is attracting quality leads at __% below target performance metrics. 

Our CBIZ client is proving Evolve’s case that a B2B brand can be successful launching advertising through integrated TV and social media.

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